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The Amateur Drama Council of Ireland (A.D.C.I) is the federation of amateur drama festivals for the whole of Ireland - North and South. A.D.C.I was founded in 1952 and has coordinated the running of preliminary drama festivals and All Ireland festivals ever since. The principal objects of the Council are to foster, develop, promote and encourage amateur drama in Ireland and to organise annually All Ireland Drama Festivals.


• Most festivals have recovered from the bad weather and thanks are due to festivals, groups, and adjudicators for the teamwork in moving things on. Results will take a time to settle down until all performances have been adjudicated. In cases where a Confined ONLY result has been received and has been put up on the website system this will result in an NP for the OPEN groups in that festival on the website. This will rectify when the corresponding festival's Open results are known and inputted

Three Act Festivals 2018
3 Act Festivals
Whats On Nightly 2018
Three-Act Nightly Performanmces 2018
All Ireland Confined Finals South Wicklow Drama Festival
Confined Finals Hosted by South Wicklow Drama Festival